Friday, September 2, 2016

What, Exactly, Is Technology Integration Anyway?

Occasionally I'm tasked with projects that I put a lot of effort into for only a very small audience. Take grad class, for example. I spend a whole lot of time writing a paper or creating a presentation that gets seen by only a small number of people only one time. 

So I've decided to start sharing my efforts out on the blog to a wider audience. Here's one example: a short 5-minute presentation on technology integration. In this presentation, I aim to answer the following questions: what is technology integration, why is it important, and how can we use technology with students to enhance communication skills? 

Sometimes when I make presentations like these, I feel like I'm "preaching to the choir," but I am always surprised to encounter teachers who aren't automatically super jazzed by tech the way that I am. This presentation is for them. Feel free to use this for your own purposes, as long as you credit back to me, please. 

- Mrs. L.

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