Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Organization: Rolling Chairs and Earbuds

Last week on Friday, the maintenance guys were awesome (as usual) and replaced all of the rolling chairs with REGULAR non-rolling chairs! I was so excited, although the students were (for the most part) disappointed. No more yelling at kids about rolling across the room or constantly adjusting the up and down mechanism. Score! 

Seriously though... those chairs were a HUGE distraction, and I'm super excited to see them go. Believe it or not, the room looks bigger without them, too!

Yesterday, I was talking with a couple of young ladies about earbud woes and how to carry them throughout the school day, and I was directed to this tutorial about making an earbud case from a mint container!

I love love LOVE this idea, and plan on making one (or more) for myself! The best part is the clip-on keyring, because it can easily be hooked onto your chromebook bag, pencil case, or bookbag. Another idea is to just stash this cute plastic case in the zipper pocket in front of your chromebook bag - it'll keep the cords from becoming tangled, and leave room for other stuff!

Remember, you'll need to bring earbuds or headphones to computer lit class each day anyways (and you'll probably need them for other classes, too), so why not have a cute container to keep them in?

- Mrs. L.

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